Keeping Things in Jars!

Butterflies in a JarIt all starts when we are kids, and we put lightning bugs in jars to capture their light.  We put baby toads in jars because we can.  We put pennies and nickels and dimes and quarters in jars for the future!  And now, I collect beach glass along the shore of Lake Erie because it is so much more than just beautiful recycled nature…but I do put the beach glass out there as gifts and centerpieces…and that is important…not just to find things that brighten our life.., lightning bugs, toads, money…but to set them free, too!  Lightning bugs and toads kept in a jar too long will die.  Money kept in a jar will be unspent for anything that might bring joy to our lives…set your money free.  It might just set your soul free at the same time.  And that is a beautiful thing!


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