EMPOWER Excellence with Jan: Think & Make Better Decisions With Money Things I Really Need!


Welcome to Monday, March 30th…  It has been a really rushing January, February, and March…time is flying, and I really have learned what I really need rather than the things I used to tell myself I need.  

I need the love of myself, my family, and my friends…and money cannot buy any of those things!

I need good sleep, really good sleep, eight to nine hours every night.  Sleep is more valuable then anything money can buy!

I need peace of mind.  When I have that, through good sleep, through daily meditation, I can conquer the world!  Money cannot buy peace of mind!

I need nature including sunshine, wind, rain and flowers, birds, and gentle creatures.  I need to be near water, lots of water.  Money cannot buy any of that!

There are things that I really need that money can help with…

Healthy basic food…the fruits, the vegetables that are as healthy as I can afford, which I am becoming more and more exclusive–organic.  It used to be that local food would suffice but I am learning that I need to be more discerning because I am worth it, even if it means that I buy less.  What I buy is of the best quality I can afford.  I do that because I am worth that…it took a long time to come to that, especially the first months of 2015.  I am learning what I really need.

This is a time of eliminating what I have told myself I needed.  It has been hard in some cases.  I told myself I needed to be altruistic, and I was totally devoted to my volunteerism with Slow Money Cleveland NEO and Slow Money Ohio.  In January, I realized that as a leader I needed to step away in order not only for my growth with my company EMPOWER Excellence but also for the group locally to grow, and the leaders have stepped forward while I am blossoming with my business.  I told myself I was a holistic provider, and I was, but the time came in February to step away from a wellness affiliation group, Centered Wellness, because I had outgrown their premise and it was hurting, not helping, my business.  And now today, as we finish March and begin April in a few days, I was faced with a decision with a friend whom I have stood by for years as she experienced her personal angst with family and friends, through the hours of venting and wringing of hands and morose discussion.  I was needing to be her friend, but it began to be so tiring and draining, and she never cared about the happenings in my life…I thought I was being selfish, but today when she unsubscribed to my newsletters, etc. that are a part of my business, I realized how selfish and unsupporting she has been–I need a friend who is better than that.  I really need friends who are supportive, and I will support them — it is a mutual relationship…

None of these things need money, do they?  It is all about relationships with individuals, groups, and friends !

That said, I began my business EMPOWER Excellence to help others with their relationship with money.  It is all about becoming able and comfortable enough to “Think and Make Better Decisions With Money.”  It is the result of 16 years in government and 20 years in the financial arena–banking, financial planning, and coaching–helping people when their relationship with money is not what they want it to be.  So now, beginning today, with each blog that I share, it will only be about my daily thoughts about money and :how to think and make better decisions with money.”

Join me, comment on my experiences, and let’s begin this new journey together..it is all about money that lets you have peace of mind, good nights of sleep, and an appreciation through good health of friends, family, nature and more…



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