Next Step: Celebrating, Love, Nurturing


Yes, you need celebration, love, and nurturing, and you tell yourself you need these things even though they are not material.  They are feelings.  Yes, you should learn how to nurture yourself more every day!  This is so true, and the mirror exercises help you see that, they help you see who you are, how you feel, and what makes you feel good!  You learned how to go deep to find your personal treasure that is you!  Work towards creating healthier relationships with everyone including yourself.  Take the time to work on the harder issues you may have uncovered.  Learn what makes you happy and begin to allow for the material things you crave and need.  We are talking about needs for your mind, body, and soul.  Figure out what those things are.  

Celebrate Who You Are, Celebrate Loving Yourself, and Find the Nurturing In That!


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