Mirror #7 How Do You Relate to Others? You Are Not Alone Out There?


From the time of our birth, we soon learn that our “being” there does make a difference to others.  We have the power to realize that we have relationships with others, whether we want them or not.

We have a reason to be with one another, to be of service to one another.  We are one soul, but we are all connected.  We enhance and grace each other’s soul.  We touch the lives of others in many ways, many significantly.

In many ways, we are of service to one another, we offer our skills, our talents, our time, our energy, our resources, and most of all our love!  You are creating your own story, but you also begin to play a role in everyone else’s life, and you become a part of their stories.  You are also a teacher to all who cross your path, as they are teachers to you.  You are a teacher and a student at the same time.

In many ways, Mirror #7 allows you to be a mirror for all who cross your path in life.  You reflect their souls, and they reflect yours/

AND, “Small things when done with great love become great things”.  (Caroline Joy Adams)

This is service.



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