Cut the Crap- My Minimalist Beginning

I can totally relate and like your style!

Laugh Up My Sleeve

My Journey to less

Less stuff. Minimal crap.

This ought-ta be fun. Join me!

Since I lost my job in September of last year- I’ve been looking for another one with no prevail. (Another blog, another time…) I’ve always been the kind of person who’s mind constantly goes a million miles an hour and this only made it worse… how am I going to pay bills? My student loans? Buy food? Gas? Medical bills for my kidney stones? Gahh.

First thing’s first- I did what a lot of people would do- bawl. Then I’d go from crying hysterically to laughing at the hot mess I got myself into. Then cry again. Then drink a bottle of wine.

Then I got real. Staring in November of last year I started selling my things on EBAY. I’ve been doing it on and off over the years when I needed extra cash- and…

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