Mirror Talking #3 Continues as We Move from the Darkness into the Light

woman with mirror

Anything that is beautiful, including you as a human being, went through a birth process…that process itself takes you from the warm, comfortable darkness of your mother’s womb, through the birth canal, and out into the light of life!  Not everyone appreciates the birth process at the time it is happening, but it is truly a wondrous event eating nine months, and then life happens!  

When a baby is born, a wondrous process of life begins…the baby rises into the light in glory, their energy is magnetic…everyone gathers round to see, to hear, and to participate in the birth process.  The sense of possibility is unlimited and contagious for the child, for you, for your life.

While the journey has been long, it is also empowering.  But so is the journey of life.  Looking into the mirror today at whatever age you are can be just as scary as being born, but it can also be very empowering.  

What new possibilities can you open up to as you talk into the mirror to you?

What fears do you have to confront to do that?

How are you feeling right now?

can you transform yourself?

woman in the mirror cat lion



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