Do You Believe You are Worth Believing In?

I Am

belief in yourself…

High self esteem

Your personal skills

Control of your destiny

Yesterday’s blog included the personality quality of “neuroticism” because you do need to be neurotic as you become successful.  That is why you also need to believe in yourself,  Knowing who you are with your self esteem in tact, knowing your personal skills, and being in control of your personal destiny requires that you quiet your personal monkey mind chatter.

Success requires that you be able to debrief a stressful situation while being self-compassionate.  You have to stay grounded while being graciously assertive.  You need to be humble while learning to feel big! You need to build a network of relationships while knowing who is important at the moment.  You need to be engaged and enthusiastic while putting people at ease.  Be optimistic.  Be passionate!  Be YOU!

Butterflies Abstract

thankful for 2015!


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