Awareness of The Changes…

Butterfly Effect


There are positives and negatives that affect us from the moment of birth.  They both affect how we become who we are, and they both have a role in our success as women in our lives.

My father was my positive influence with his hard-working entrepreneurial spirit.  A government auditor by day, a high school graduate, who became a self-educated electronics guru for his day building all kinds of electronic equipment and fixing friends’ televisions and radios and record players.   I got to go along on these repair calls…  My father was the one who taught me my love of books, the feel of the pages, the wealth of information they held, and the wondrous place a library was–you could get as many books as you could carry for “free”!  I still have a book addiction to this day!

My mother was the negative influence in my life.  She was totally unsupportive of education.  It was a constant battle with her to buy books, magazines, and to “go to college”.  She was an angry person about so many things.  She was a lousy cook.  She had no sense of current events other than “what the neighbors were saying”.  She had an influence on me as well.  I am not the friendliest neighbor; I prefer my privacy, I am all about “peace”.  I am an accomplished cook.  I have run government offices, been in politics, and read a newspaper or two daily.

Both parents influenced me — neither parent was affectionate in words or actions.  I have to work at intimacy on all levels.

Yes, they both had their effect on me, and both influenced my drive for success!  I am aware of the changes I have had to go through in my transformation.  The butterfly has become a symbol of my life.  I was not aware that I was a butterfly when I was the unattractive caterpillar.  But I have become aware over the many years, and it is now my mission and passion to use my peace and power to empower other women to become excellent, to become butterflies in their own right…and then to empower them to fly!

Butterfly Transformation HOPE

thankful for 2015!

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