The Butterflies May Be Missing This Morning, but….

Even when there are no butterflies on Facebook, there can be Transformation!

Even when there are no butterflies on Facebook, there can be Transformation!

Early morning meditative practices are often inspired by posts on social media, especially Facebook…

Before everyone starts screaming, I am not an avid Facebook supporter, but I have broken an addiction to it, and I do find it to be a place where not only can I express thoughts to be “shared” but also where in the very early morning hours before meditation I am inspired.  I pick and choose with great discrimination (and I know that thought is redundant–it is meant to be!) only dwelling on positive posts, “sharing” where appropriate, supporting “friends” seeking support, and finding expression of what is ruminating in my soul at the moment.

Just look at what I found this morning at about 6 AM:

“How We See God” (Virginia Collins)

Being “Inspired & Unstoppable”(Tama Kieves)

Positivity Galore

Belief/ Unbelief (DeLores Pressley)

Affirmations of the Soul (DeLores Pressley)

Butterfly Wings, Transformation

“Spiritual Practices for Transformation”(Melissa Celko-Kozman)

Albert Einstein



Mirror Talking

Letting Go

Losing/Discovering Yourself (Byron Katie)

Unwavering Faith

Today was a treasure trove to find inspiration to meditate and go one with the beauty of the day.

If you expect to find trivia, too many cats, negativity, and more on Facebook, remember, it is what you expect and open yourself to receive that you will find…Personally, I look for inspiration and I regularly find it through many “friends”.  Friends i do not see or talk with every day.  But, because they are “friends”, my friends are there for me as I start the day.  Some days more than other days I need them to be there.

Thank you, Facebook!


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