Average, Mediocre, or Giving Flight to Your Dream?



Giving Flight to a Dream requires more than being average or mediocre.  Do you have what it takes?

It takes extra effort.  It takes uncommon discipline.  It definitely takes inspiration.

Inspiration happens all of the time.  Many just do not hear it.  Yes, hear it.  Divine Inspiration is a constant, but we have to go to a quiet enough space in order to hear it.  Some become able to hear it through meditation, through yoga, and through other forms of energy work.  We have to become still; then the quiet follows.  With the quiet, comes the voice through our soul or spirit.  It is the voice that brings to mind what has been with us since the moment of our conception.  It is part of our purpose, and we all have been given a purpose.  That purpose does surface throughout our life, but many times our surroundings–people, places, and things–push that purpose back down.  It is at these times that we are encouraged to be “average”, and we begin to learn how to settle.  We are “ok” with “average”.  It is comfortable, it helps us fit in with our peers, our family, and the average world.

Sooner or later, “average” is not good enough.  That is when dreams again begin to surface.  They have been within us for a very long time, they are frustrated; we become frustrated.  It is at this time that we have a choice:  push the dreams back down or let them take flight.

You need to be brave to acknowledge these dreams and to make decisions on what to do with them.  Many factors come into play.  Money many times is the factor that keeps the dreams and the dreamer frustrated.  Once you make the decision that this dream deserves a life, money becomes a secondary consideration.  Can you be brave and make the decision to let YOUR DREAM take flight?

I hope so…

Butterflies Abstract


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