Don’t Stop Me From Dreaming, No Matter What My Dream Is!

Don't Stop Me From Dreaming!

Don’t Stop Me From Dreaming!

OK! Enough already!  It does not matter whether your dream is a new kitchen, a new relationship, or a new business.  Dreams are symbolic of hope, and without hope life becomes an experience in anxiety!

Learn to be the captain of your own dreams, and do not trust anyone else to make them become a reality.  Many times, folks step into your dreams when they have not made their own dreams come true.  When you are beginning to realize your dream, whether it is a new dream or one left over from your childhood, those unsuccessful “caring” people envy what you are beginning to do.

Stay the course of your dreams.  Be the captain of your dream.  Do not be knocked off course.  If God has planted the dream in your psyche, let it become a part of your head and your heart.  Let your dream take flight!  Ay, ay, Captain!

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