Butterflies Are Back and Taking Me Soaring!

Time for Take Off!

Time for Take Off!

I am back with the butterflies…!

Today has been a day of one big lesson.  Let go and let God provide the pathway and the energy to follow it.

While I overslept, I arrived at my destination 50 miles away right on time, in fact, time enough to grab a healthy breakfast at my destination and to choose a seat at a table at the conference where I knew no one.

And then it continued…”it” being following my intuition, or God’s pathway.  I met the lady to my left and she is exactly someone I needed to meet with in 2015 to take my business into government contracting, and she has 23 years’ experience working with that area!

And it just kept on all day:

A connection was made with a college career placement office to discuss my program “Closing the Bank of Mom and Dad”

I won a Panera Gift Card to pay for my lunch at a scheduled meeting there next week!

Learned 50 ways to optimize SEO on my new website!

Was complimented on my “elevator speech” by someone who teaches elevator speeches and was told I did not need his class!

Found the person who specializes in videos for folks in financial services and she already offered me some concrete ideas to work on for my first video!

Finished the day off with a fantastic speaker, Frans Johansson, who just about brought me to tears at the end of his presentation!

Wow, what a day, totally unplanned, turned over to God, and

I took flight with the butterflies!



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