Chatter, Chatter, or…..There is a Choice

Monkey Mind?

Monkey Mind?

There is a downside to thinking about money:  it sometimes becomes too much and becomes chatter, chatter, chatter, or what is lovingly called “Monkey Mind”!

For many years, I knew all too well about monkey mind, the chatter about money that will not turn off.  Monkey mind can happen with any topic, but for me it was money.

Over the last several years, I have consciously changed monkey mind to a more peaceful alternative.  When the chatter persists, the butterfly, a symbol of transformation, is my choice to turn to:  to think about the fluttering of butterfly wings to replace the monkey chatter.  The fluttering of butterfly wings creates a peaceful energy rather than the unproductive monkey chatter.

It is a step towards a more peaceful relationship with money.  Please feel free to use this transformative action in your own life…Peace to you!

The Flapping of Butterfly Wings

The Flapping of Butterfly Wings


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