It Is All About EMPOWERing You!



It is all about YOU no matter what anybody has told you, is telling you, or will tell you!

Not that you are EGO centric. even if you are.  Not that you are SELFISH, even if you are.  Not that you do not care about anyone else, because I am sure that you do.

But YOU have to start with YOU.

So, do start with YOU!

When it comes to money and YOU, it is rare that anyone taught you how to really think about money.  They may have taught you to save, not to spend, how to open a checking account, how to open a savings account, how to go to the bank or credit union, how to create credit so that you can spend and more.

So, YOU, here is the basic course to EMPOWER you with money thinking, to have this simple 1-2-3 process totally ingrained into your brain and thought process with just a little conscious effort and practice:

1.  What are YOUR NEEDS?

Not someone else’s or your parents telling you what they should be, but what are YOUR PERSONAL NEEDS.

2.  What are YOUR WANTS?

Yes, even if your NEEDS are beyond your current capabilities, what is it that are truly YOUR WANTS?

3.  Which of those WANTS is truly a DREAM for you–the most wanted WANT?

Yes, you need to have a dream, because without the dream you have no _ _ _ _!

Think about the first 3 steps and we’ll talk more about the rest…..


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