Test Driving Through Your Life with Money

Test Driving Can Be Done With Your Life With Money!

Test Driving Can Be Done With Your Life With Money!

Too many times we simply jump in to a decision with money without really thinking it through…

We may think, or even say, that we are being spontaneous.  That may be true, but let’s stop and think about the word “spontaneous”.

Generally, it means acting on an impulse.  If you had told me that it was acting on intuition, I might be a little more comfortable.  But acting on impulse takes it to another level.

Is this an impulse like getting married in a wedding chapel in Las Vegas?

Is this an impulse like ordering dessert?

You have to admit that taken out of context leaves a lot unsaid about the intensity of the impulsive action.

Usually, when we talk about a test drive, we are comfortable describing an exploratory ride in a new automobile.  We want to know if the car rides well, if we are comfortable behind the wheel, if the car is as responsive as we like, and on and on.

I am suggesting that we test drive other decisions before we make them when it comes to the money in our life.  It is all about taking the time before we make the decision to make sure that we are as comfortable as we possibly could be.  Then make the decision.

For a few examples, when we are looking to buy a house, spend some time in the neighborhood–go and talk to the neighbors.  It does not have to be threatening to them or to you, just be “neighborly” and see what results.  It could save a lot of grief later.

When you are considering a new electronic device, really talk to people who own and use that device in addition to doing your online research.  More than that, go into a store that sells the device and sit down for a test drive using it in a way you would use it.  Makes sense to me.

And, be audacious and “test drive” a potential financial professional.  Start with the smallest, least threatening thing you can do to work with the professional.  And, choose something where the professional will make little or money from you.  Test their values, test their ethics, test their patience.  You have that right  when you are trusting them to work with your money.  It can save you a lot of money and stress in the long term!

Just saying, a test drive is “free” with a car, so why not use the “test drive” with other decisions in your life!

Let me know how it goes…



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