Money, Money, Money… Involved in Every Life Event! Empower Yourself to be Excellent with It!

No matter what your life stage, money plays a role, sometimes good, sometimes bad!

No matter what your life stage, money plays a role, sometimes good, sometimes bad!


There are many times that I wish we could live without money, life would be so much simpler then!

But that is not the way the world works, is it?  Every day in every way possible our life is impacted in some way by money.  Every life event is impacted no matter if it is the birth of a baby, buying or selling a home, child care, preschool, primary education, secondary education, postsecondary education, children’s activities, parents’ activities, single peoples’ activities, grandparents, seniors, and on and on and on!

Those are just the normal activities, but what about the transitional activities like getting married, losing a significant other through death, divorce and more.  Or as simple as one day you have a job, and the next day you do not have a job!  All of these and many more life events have a money element?

So when money becomes problematic at a juncture in your life, what do you do?  Many will have fear, worry, and anxiety.  You usually try to find a way to correct the situation.  You really do want to bounce back  to where you were before the money became a problem.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could figure out a way to bounce back better?

One way to do that is to get some help not only how to figure out the solution to the money problem but also how to think about money differently so you feel better not only in this isolated incident but also for the future as well.  Problem is that many financial professionals can help you through products or services they offer: different accounts, loans, lines of credit, insurance policies, investment vehicles, and more.  Rarely do they help you to think differently to avoid the problem in the future or to come through the problem feeling that you have not become inadequate in any way.  Only your thinking can help you there!

This is one situation where money coaching can make a difference for your future.  Unfortunately, when you are suffering through a money problem, there rarely is sufficient money to begin coaching sessions which can be more than your current budget will allow.  So what is a person to do in this conundrum?

Just like test driving a car, you can test drive coaching!  The Coaching Sampler is a one-time,  short group session so that folks who anticipate or have experienced a financial problem can step in and see what coaching is all about before they commit to a process that will require resources to access coaching when they are not sure it will benefit them.  Just like the test drive, you may find that the model you picked may not be the right one for you, and you can then explore other options.  Does every coach offer this?  Definitely not.  Should you look for a coach who does?  When it comes to money, definitely yes.  As long as you are experiencing life, you will be involved with money.  Being prepared on how to think about money will make all of life’s events more peaceful and you more powerful as you experience life!  Just like buying the right car can help you feel joy behind the wheel…think about it!


Test Drive Coaching Just Like Test Driving a Car!

Test Drive Coaching Just Like Test Driving a Car!


While this blog is purely for information, please visit for more insight on transformational money coaching.  Or contact me at


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