Are You “Flying”, Are You “Taking Your Flying Leap of Faith”? or Are You Being Dragged Through Life?

With great humility, I admit that the inspiration for this morning’s blog came not only from one of my programs through EMPOWER Excellence but also from a dear friend’s presentation yesterday morning…her topic was “Let Go or Be Dragged”, and while letting go is a major part of “Taking Your Flying Leap of Faith”, there is another consideration that many will not readily admit holds them back from “flying” or “taking their flying leap of faith.”

That consideration is “money”.  Money will stop you in your tracks when you are ready to soar.  Money will stop you from leaving a “job” to pursue your “passion”.  Money pays the bills, money pays for health insurance, money pays for food, money pays for gas for the car, and etc., etc., etc.!  You know the litany especially if you work to support yourself and your family.  And who does not?  

But that consideration can either stop you in your tracks or it can be a factor you plan for as you plan for your leap.  

Taking your flying leap does include “faith”.  And not just the “faith” involved with the religion you may have learned as a child.  Faith in yourself and your passion is necessary.  So many times you may dream of what it is that you are meant to do.  In that dream, learn how to include “faith”, see-esteem, and self-confidence as prerequisites.  That does not mean that you will not have a certain amount of fear even with the faith, the self-esteem, and the self-confidence.  Fear is an “ok” thing as long as it is recognized and then overcome; and sometimes you need to overcome it on a regular basis.  You are approaching doing something new, something that may bring fear along with it–after all, this is a change, and change can be a fear inducer.

You are standing on the brink:


Flying Leap Cautions

It takes preparation!

That preparation in the realm of money may mean that you keep on doing what you are doing as you begin to pursue your passion.  Working full-time can provide the needed money until the passion begins to develop money on its own.  Finding the balance is very important.

Yes, there are those of us who have left regular employment and really took our flying leap of faith but there are cash flow contributors that may be a part of our passion that keep us aloft…although sometimes it is a nail-biting scenario, but, if you have a strong commitment to your passion, it can be done with caution!

So, if you are contemplating flying or taking your flying leap of faith, prepare, prepare, prepare and consider every part of your life that will be affected.  But, also be careful not to use money as the excuse not to fly.

If you do use money as an excuse, be aware that you may someday be dragged into making your decision to forge ahead…and proceeding smoothly into your passion is always so much more pleasant than being dragged into the decision to pursue your passion — don’t wait until there is no choice, begin creating your flight plan before the need arises.  Be in control, fly!




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