Rebirthing Yourself with Money, Relationships, and More

When you think of “rebirthing”, what comes to mind?

Is it ever too late to be “reborn”?

What happens when you are “reborn”?


Ok, this is pretty heady stuff, and I know because today is my new birthday.  Nobody proclaimed it, I just know it.  When a baby is born, they come into the world with very little baggage, very few blocks, and a clean slate for the most part.  The only things they bring with them is what might have happened in their DNA and in the womb.  

Nobody told me I would be reborn today, but in my intuitive self, I know it!

And the process began when I was born.  I had to accumulate all of the feelings, emotions, patterns, behaviors, and more throughout my life before I could let them all go.  And that is what a rebirth is all about–letting go of the past, letting go of the old me, letting go of the negatives, letting go of those who have been in my life that no longer are in my best good.  It has been one heck of a journey for oh so many years, but in the past several weeks, I have been going through an energetic clearing and cleansing.

And today, I declare, is Day 1 of my new life.  I may be older, but as long as I am alive, it is not too late to start anew, and this time, I can move ahead without all of the baggage,  I have left it in the Universe’s baggage storage area;  and,  much like lost luggage, it will never resurface in my lifetime.  That is how resolute I am today.   

So, now what happens?

My family structure has changed to only include those who are truly family.

My mindset is positive self-care.

My love for the Universe and all in it is limitless.

My abundance is manifesting.

I am who I am today, August 18, 2014, and my intention is to be all of the glorious manifestations I am meant to be!  

Think about it, it is your decision to be reborn..  Yes, it is your life, and your life is beholden to you.  


Life is Beholden to You Photo



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