Be Ambitious, Especially If You Are a Woman!

Ok, you know for so many years, I have heard that it is unbecoming for women to be openly ambitious.  “AMBITIOUS”?  Is that a new dirty word?

It seems that it is ok for us to be “ambitious”, just don’t be open about it.  I have been told that it is unbecoming.  I have been told that it really is about being “aggressive”.  I have been told that it is ok to be “assertive”.   But, but, but, when we are openly assertive, there are many who will feel uncomfortable being in our presence.

As recently as last evening, I experienced “ambitious”, “assertive”, and “aggressive” behavior in a large gathering of men and women.  Interestingly enough, those who were “ambitious” and “assertive” were women.  Those who were “aggressive” were men!  Interesting!

What is more interesting is that the “aggressive” men were offensive to me.  They made overtures of trying to be of help introducing me to people they knew “I should meet”.  When the introductions were made, it became obvious that it was not for my benefit but for the benefit of the men they introduced me to.  And even more, it was to the person introducing me that there was the most benefit…they were making their “brownie points” with their mail cohorts!  Give me a break!  Enough said about “aggressiveness”.

The highlight of the evening was being with the ambitious and assertive women.  I heard laughter.  I saw smiles.  I saw bonding in the most sincere and truest sense.  And I saw business relationships being developed in a sincere and genuine manner.  These women sought to bring benefit to both men and women in such an obvious manner that it was overwhelming–they were there to help everyone involved.  But, while their own benefit received future deposits, they were looking out for the others they came into contact and communication with all evening.  But more than anything, they were being genuine.  They were being themselves.  And what appealed to me beyond anything is that to few them in action was that they were being who they were born to be:  

Quote Anne Lamott


They were marvelous!  They were messy!  they were wild!  They were truly, entirely WOMEN; and, yes, they were ambitious!  Maybe it is the NEW WOMEN rather than the OLD BOYS that I prefer to do business with!


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