Be a Woman Who THINKS Differently!

Being a woman today is different, different than it was when I was a chid, different than when I was a newlywed, different than when I was a single parent in the ’80’s, different than when I began my career years ago.  Should say, one of my careers over the decades…

Being a woman today is different especially for those who THINK differently.

Successful women are different today.  

That “Success” no longer means that you are making a huge amount of money.  Successful women today are characterized by many factors, almost as many factors as there are women!

to soar or to splat?

to soar or to splat?

Women have come to the belief that “they can do it”!  The “it” is whatever they decide it is.

They have gotten off of the treadmill, whether it is a corporate, domestic, or romantic treadmill!

They have begun to look at their “weaknesses” as something that no longer needs to be fixed.  In many cases, the “weaknesses” are their strengths in their personal world and oftentimes become the foundation of their passion or mission.

They have built their muscle of “self-control” to go after what it is that they truly are passionate about.  

The paradigm is shifting from any negative emotions to cultivate only their positive emotions.  But at the same time, there is a climate of being “ready for battle”, not going it alone but aligning themselves with other women to be at their side as they march forward to pursue their true dreams.

But the men are joining in with them because the women are joining forces with the men to help them move forward in their thinking and feeling as well.  There is solidarity.  

Women are THINKING differently, and they are ready for whatever their thoughts bring to them no matter what.  They are ready to SUCCEED forward or to FAIL forward.

Failure is no longer a weakness; it is a necessary step to SUCCESS, and women, and men, now know this.  Yes, they are ready to take the plunge, to take a flying leap forward, and they know that their odds are the same as they always have been, you will either soar or you will splat.  But, if you splat, there is the support of all you have aligned yourself with to pick yourself up and move on, THINKING DIFFERENTLY in a very little way so not to splat in the same way as you take your next leap.  You are THINKING differently, but you are moving forward.  THINK ON!


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