It’s Time to Get Down to Business, Money Business not Monkey Business

Screaming Monkey-page-0MONEY MONEY MONEY!  Not MONKEY MONKEY MONKEY!  There is only one letter difference between MONEY and MONKEY!

Simple enough, wouldn’t you say.  There should be little confusion between the two words much less the concept that underlies each.  But there is a link between the two:  Monkey Business and Money Business.

How many “ah-ha” moments do you have on a regular basis?  If you are like me, you probably would welcome more.  But, when that really BIG “ah-ha” moment strikes, it strikes hard, right in the pit of your stomach!

Two years ago I started my business.  And, yes, I know that being an entrepreneur, being a business person, is not a static endeavor–it is always changing, but rarely does a change like this one come along; but, when it does, you know you had better pay attention.  And I am paying attention.

For two years I have worked to develop a niche for my business in money coaching.  While my company name has remained and will remain, my title, for example, has changed a number of times as I more fully realize what it is I am really doing.  I work as a money coach, and I fully realize now that what I do is bring “calm” to people’s lives.  I do “transformational” work.  It is important work.  I have known that from the very beginning, it is my passion, and it is my mission.

There are several major contracts I have been working toward over those two years, and at this moment, in the month of July 2014, one is a done deal, one is being reviewed by my attorney, and one is coming my way in the next few days.  This is a big deal, I should be elated, I should be celebrating.  Then why am I writing a blog instead of doing just that?

Because, just like the saying goes, “be careful what you wish for”, it is an OMG moment.  The realization today as I am reviewing contracts and preparing information for pending contracts, is that “OMG, this is real!”

Yes, for the first time in two years, even though I have been meeting with coaching clients, presenting programs to nonprofits and for profits, it has been a hand-to-mouth existence, a total struggle to keep moving in the right direction while never having a doubt that this is what I am meant to do.  But now, yes, August looms ahead and there is much to do to keep moving, but September is where it all begins to change:  the contracts will be totally executed, assignments will begin, and now I am a “business”.

It is time to get down to business, and it is time that my business will become a “Money Business”. Until I hit the reality button today and realized that this is “real”,  up until now, while I have written a book, prepared proposals, networked, and sat in many, many meetings, it is almost reminiscent of my father’s admonition when I was a child:  “Quit the Monkey Business and get down to BUSINESS!”

Yes, the time for Monkey Business, or playing at my business, is over.  It is time for my business to be a Money Business.  For the goal of business, in addition to fulling a passion and becoming my mission, is to make MONEY!


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