Is Dreaming Bigger Enough, or Do You have to THINK Bigger?

Well, here it is Friday, in the middle of July, the air here in Ohio is unseasonably cool, and I have something to say about “dreaming bigger”….  It is not enough.  

The dream is great, but then there has to be action, and action requires thoughts.  So, to have bigger dreams that actually become reality, you have to THINK bigger!  And that is not an original idea I am thinking!  I began Michael Port’s “THE THINK BIG MANIFESTO”, and I know this stuff, but I need to be reminded on a regular basis.  So, Michael Port is my weekend reading.  

But only a small way into the book, it has become a resonating note in my words that “it is not enough to dream bigger, I have to THINK bigger!”

Interestingly enough, when I took my “flying leap of faith” to start my company EMPOWER Excellence, I was THINKING bigger and different-er (no, that is not a word, but I am THINKING bigger and as a bigger THINKER I think I can make up words on this path).  

There were very few transformational money coaches that I could locate, and it was a transformational money coach and consultant that I have become–and that was a bigger THOUGHT than what I first dreamt about.  And now, I have to THINK bigger about being a Transformational Money Coach & Consultant.

I have to THINK bigger because I am now on the precipice of being bigger in my business, and that necessitates bigger THINKING and dong things differently going forward.  I have a book ready to go to a publisher, and I have chose the publisher.  But before I do the book, I need to THINK bigger about my website  because for the book launch my website has to POP! just like a whole gaggle of balloons.  

So THINKING bigger begins in strong action starting today to get to the point where EMPOWER Excellence is bigger, and there is some work to do to get to that point…  But for now THINKING bigger has me moving in the right direction.

So, what are you THINKING?Brain


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