Money Daydreaming! Really, Daydreaming is Productive!

Life is Beholden to You Photo


Awakening from a dream, many of us start our day wondering what the dream meant.

Many of us awaken to a message from “The Universe” that puts a smile on our face and gets us moving with inspiration to move us through our day.  It is a “tool”, a welcome “tool” for those of us who subscribe to this basic form of daydreaming.

Throughout the day, many of us will also find ourselves daydreaming about many different facets of our life, about an event we wish for, about an event that is coming soon, or about an event that occurred in the past.  If we take a moment to think about the content of our daydreaming, there is usually a “money” component to the daydream.  Money for vacation?  Money for a dream wedding?  Money we wish we would have had at a time in our life…

Daydreaming brings to the surface our wishes and hopes and regrets.  It is also a function of daydreaming to help us focus on what we “need”, what we “want”, and how can we create that dream.  Just like dreams that occur during our sleeping hours, dreams that occur during our waking hours — daydreams–signal to us that there is a “need” or a “want” that we need to pay attention to, to focus on.  

For like the quote from The Universe, we are not beholden to life, life is beholden to us.  We just have to decide what daydreams we want to become part of our reality…Really, yes, you can create your needs, your wants, and your daydreams!  Literally, think about it…


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