Pardon Me, I Am Just a Little “Confused”!

Way back when, I had a college professor who gave me a saying which I know was not his, but, it was worth noting:

“Think of a duck floating on the water.  On the surface, the duck appears to be sailing smoothly; however, below the surface, the duck is paddling like hell!”

Yes, I can relate.  Can you relate?  There are so many moments in life where we appear cool, calm, and collected; but the reality is that we do not have a clue of what we are doing at that moment.  It is a common point of confusion!  But it passes, and we gain one more moment of “experience” in life.  Plus, we know that we did not drown in the pond of life…

So, with that said, “confusion” can reign in so many areas of our daily living.  It also has a lot to do with our feelings and energy about money.  When we stay positive, we have a better chance of emerging from the “confusion” with a clearer vision of the direction we need to go rather than “wandering” about.  Talk about “confusion”:  are you rich or are you poor?  Think about it.  It does not only have to do with money; abundance comes in many forms.  We just need to know how we feel, at the moment, and then move on…

If you think the ducks on the pond always have a carefree life floating on a pond, think again, they may be paddling like crazy just to stay afloat!  Have a swimming day!


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