Why Do Angels Always Wear White?

Colors and angels….

Colors and angels….

I have spent a lot of time with Angels in the last few days…

Not literally, but figuratively. But maybe literally as well…

Having just finished the book by my friend Linda Street, “RAYS OF LIGHT”, angels have been on my mind, in my heart, in my soul, and in my daily journal as the book has led me back to Doreen Virtue’s Archangel cards. It has been years, and it is so very good to be back with the angels!

But I wonder why we always see angels dressed in white when in reality they all have their own special colors, and those colors, are important.

For example, we may know a lot about chakras, and the chakras all have their own unique colors as do auras. But Angels?

So now, I have a different perspective about Angels. Yes, they are pictured in white to demonstrate their “light”, their purity, but does picturing them in color make them less filled with light, less pure?

I want my Angels to be more approachable, more colorful, more like me so that I do feel comfortable “asking” them for their help; and so, my Angels have colors like light green, turquoise, royal blue, and purple among other colors.

You may just see me at Halloween in an angel costume in turquoise…I will ask my Angels how they feel about that? And I bet they are going to love it!

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