It’s Time to Retire the Red Boxing Gloves! And Time to Forget the “Fear” When It Comes to Money! Goodbye Red Boxing Gloves!




Yes, there will be no more red boxing gloves in my presentations!

Yes, there will be no more “Fear” discussions!

For those who have attended EMPOWER Excellence programs for the last several years, you may have experienced the red boxing gloves.  You may have also been involved in the “Fear” Discussions about your money!

WELL, no more!

Stop the fighting with your money, about your money, whether the fighting was with your parents, your children, or your significant other!  It is time to approach money the same way I have learned to approach health!  It is time to be positive!  No more negative thoughts, only positive ones.  It does not matter where you have been in your money relationship, it is time to change it!  Now!

Many years ago, I learned about Mother Theresa’s thoughts about not coming out against war, but to work for peace.  That has been…

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