Money Daydreaming? Where does it lead?




Strange things happen in the Universe!  We all know that, but in one of those moments, when you let the Universe take charge, very strange and wonderful things can happen!

Just about a week ago, a topic for a short talk I was to present was unexplainably changed…Usually I would be sending an email to the effect of “What?”  But this time, I just sat with the newly assigned topic and with a little energy and work found some wonder with the new topic.

To explain, since the beginning of EMPOWER Excellence in the last two years, I have struggled with a positive approach to money issues and concerns…most of the time, those are not necessarily positive.  I used boxing gloves in my presentations, used the word “fear” a lot versus “love”, but lately I was uncomfortable with that — probably based on the increasing positive experiences I have been having with coaching clients and others.  Truly a change of energy had occurred with me and my mission…

I was now looking to work with money stories of individuals, but the path there was not totally clear (The path is rarely totally clear, but that is a topic for another blog!).  So my topic for the subject presentation was to be “Money Questions?”

That was the next step toward the “Money Story” approach, but it still was not totally comfortable….  And my hesitation was meant to be.  When the new topic, “Money Daydreaming” appeared, and I worked on the presentation, it did become clear:

“Daydreaming” brings to the surface your “Money Questions?” and begins your work on “YOUR Money Story.”  Every story has characters, a plot, a timeline, conflict, and a climax to the story.  And everyone’s Money Story also has those elements, which, most importantly, can be changed at any time with a “rewrite”.  Think about it, we can “rewrite” anything in our life, including our Money Story…



2 thoughts on “Money Daydreaming? Where does it lead?

  1. Jan,

    I like it! Why should daydreaming about money be any different than anything else? What you think about you bring about!! Thanks for your insight!


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