Have You Ever Met Abraham Harold Maslow?

“…almost all needs can be satisfied in a variety of ways.”

Born in 1908 in Brooklyn, New York, a graduate of City College in New York, Abraham Maslow completed graduate and post-Master’s work in psychology with a focus on experimental-behaviorist psychology.

Inspired by a vision of peace, he pursued his studies of self-actualizing people. It became his basis for his lifelong thinking and research not only about mental health but also human potential. Self-actualization simply means that people desire to reach their full potential.

He went on to create his Hierarchy of Needs as a visual aid to explain the levels of psychological and physical needs of humans on their path to reaching their full potential of becoming self-actualized. His Hierarchy of Needs can be found in thousands of basic textbooks, and I am not here to discuss Maslow, but it is the basis of what I see as the human needs starting with basic physical needs, safety, LOVE, and self-esteem.

These are the needs that come with the birth of every human being.

Once these needs are satisfied, then, and only then, can anyone move forward in their life and approach self-actualization.

Why is this important in the discussion of money in our stories of life?

Because without the strong foundation based on self-esteem our life story with money will be confusing and unstable.

As the current song lyric goes, “the story of my life…”, and when it comes to money, you do have a story of your life with money. Think about it.Lucy-van-pelt-1-


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