The Energy Cycle in Your Life and with Your Money…What Does That Have to do with Transformation/



Every logo has a story!


And the EMPOWER Excellence logo is no different …Created on a wintery November morning, a little bit of creative energy began with a circle and ended up with a butterfly symbolizing transformation.


I think it is important to share this story as it is what my company and my passion and the resulting work I do is all about.


A great deal of thought of how the energy process works evolved into the logo as seen above.  So let’s spend just a moment and travel around the logo:


  • The top green circle represents “energy” pure and simple; not a lot, just a little is all that is necessary.  There has to be some energy present before anything, and I do mean anything, can begin.  When you awake in the morning, it is energy that fuels every move you make and every thought you have.  Energy can be physical, mental, emotional, and more.
  • The emerald green circle is the work you need to do to move ahead with anything you need or want to accomplish.  You start with energy, you move on to “work”.
  • The turquoise circle represents the “excellence” you develop as you do the work.  No matter if it is considered successful or unsuccessful work, it is excellent and it allows you to move forward.
  • As we move around the circle, the blue circle represents your feeling of empowerment you experience by having the energy to move forward, doing the work to move ahead, and approaching excellence.  It is empowerment that tells you that you can and you have done what is necessary no matter what your intended goal.
  • The empowerment leads to the creation of more energy, a deeper level of energy, as your work accumulates, and the purple circle moves you back to the starting point of energy allowing you to move to your next desired work.

You can repeat the cycle infinitely, and the transformation you can experience, symbolized by the butterfly in the center of the energy cycle, can change a moment n your life or your whole future life moving forward.  This process can put you totally in control of every decision and every action you make in your life.  It is the flow of energy.  Do you want to be energized?  Start with one tiny bit of energy, and you, too, can move anywhere you want to be.


…Starting Every Day Anew–How to “BE” with Your Money!


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