Being Radiant…

Everything's a Miracle!

Everything’s a Miracle!

Being radiant is so simple…look at the glimmering of the green leaves of the plant in the sunshine. It is so simple, yet it is so exquisite.

And yet, radiance can be something we fear. Do we have a right to shine? When we shine, does that take away the radiance of someone else?

For some, it takes a long time to become radiant. Some never do experience radiance in their life. Why? Radiance can be the joy of a new baby, the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, or the radiance of pure and simple joy!

And yet, there are some who feel they will only be radiant when they have more money or riches or material goods. That someday when they have more material goods, riches, and money may never come because they have missed the proverbial boat.

The light of radiance shines from within, it is there from the day we are born. We simply have to discover the self worth within that is the energy that turns on our light. We are the radiance!

Pure and simple…we are our own radiance, we just have to be mindful in the moments when we allow it to shine…what a beautiful sight!


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