Everyone & Everything is Related, We Are All One, We Are Related to Our Money! WHAT????




And humanity is now deciding which species will survive (and which ones will not)!

Interesting that parental care through the ages was learned; sensibility, caring, empathy, and compassion evolved from that.   Mother Nature is one of our most interesting examples of parental care.  The human psyche experiences all of this in relationships, in seeing the worth of each person, in being sensitive to our own and others’ needs, and in nurturance.  Losing these traits can lead to all kinds of bad relationships, and eventually, the loss of our personal self-worth.  That is where the money relationship is affected.

All of the above traits involved in interrelatedness need to be nurtured, and in turn, when they are nurtured, we are more open to not only nurturing ourselves but also in nurturing others.  The same needs to be done with our relationship with money; it needs to be nurtured.  Becoming overly concerned with money leads to a dependent relationship with money.  A relationship that we turn to when our personal self-worth is lagging.  A relationship that can lead us to decisions that are more beneficial to others rather than to ourselves.  

The beach glass in the accompanying photo demonstrates the interrelatedness of “things”:

Beach glass begins its existence as sand, sand becomes  a component of the glass, the glass is used and abused–yes, abused when it is disposed of into a body of water–but then Mother Nature steps in and recreates the pieces of glass and turning them into pieces of beauty, sought after, collected, and turned into, in some cases, material goods to be exchanged for money!  We relate to the beach glass in each step of the process…

Just like money, beach glass can hurt us or help us.  Step on a piece and cut your foot, that hurts!  Find a piece and save it as a memento of a trip to the water’s edge, that helps us.  Money can be used to hurt or to help, even in the smallest of ways.

Think about it…


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