Birth to a New Money Mind….



How many times do you feel like you have been born “again”?  Yes, it could be in the religious sense, but it also can be when we begin again after the end of a relationship.  It is the moment when we feel we can go on and find “love” again.  You can birth a new money mind, too!  

In Brian Swimme’s teachings on the Powers of the Universe, this birth to a new being is referred to as “centration”, or the Universe focusing her attentions anew.  So it is with money…how many times can you start over, vowing “to do better”, “to be different” with money only to keep your resolve for a while and then to fall back into old patterns.  But that is the cycle of life, right or wrong, it is the way the Universe and we as individuals evolve and evolve and evolve!

So, do not despair, you have many lives to live, each an evolution in itself…and your money relationship evolves and evolves and evolves as long as you are alive….give yourself the mindfulness to allow that evolution in your money relationship to occur!


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