What Does Maslow Have To Do With Money?

Everything and Nothing all at the same time, that is what Maslow has to do with MONEY!

With Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs, one can find a basic flow of needs from the basic to the sublime; however, many find that they are in the transcending area of the sublime but in reality cannot support their basic needs…

Have you ever known someone like that — kind of living on the belief that they are where they need to be when in reality they are living in a house of cards — one strong buffet of wind, and down the whole thing goes!

Maslow works from Physical Needs and Safety up to Self Esteem…Self Esteem should be at the base, we are born with self-esteem, it is the world — family, peers, religion, schools, media and more– that erodes it.

Think about it, with self-esteem in tact, all things ARE possible….Image


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