Money Mindfulness…so easy!

Practicing mindfulness at work is simple.

Let’s keep it simple…

Pause for a moment, plan whatever it is that you are about to do, take a deep breath, focus on the desired outcome.  Come back to the moment and focus on your intention for the action you are about to do, whether it is a phone call, a meeting with a boss or coworker, or sitting down at your computer to perform a task.  

Here are the simple steps for mindfulness  especially at work:

1.  Pause

2.  Plan

3. Breathe

4. Focus

5. Be in the Moment

6. Recall Your Intention

7. Act


It is that easy!


So, let’s be mindful about money, shall we.

1.  Pause 

2.  Plan

3.  Breathe

4.  Focus

5.  Be in the Moment

6.  Recall the Intention in regard to the money matter, and

7.  Act!


You see, it does not matter whether it is mindfulness at work or mindfulness about money.  It all works the same.  Try it!Image

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