Is it Mirror Talking or Monkey Mind? You Make the Choice!

Have you ever looked in the mirror, I mean “really” look in the mirror when you get up in the morning, and then “talked” to the image, talked to you?

Well you should try it sometime soon…you will learn a lot about yourself, you will learn all about the trite saying “it’s time to face the facts”!  It is Mirror Talking.

Mirror Talking takes a lot of self esteem, a lot of courage.  You really have to look yourself in the eye.  That isn’t easy for many of us.  When we look ourself in the eye, it is a time to be honest. Practice this for a few days until you can really, honestly, look yourself in the eye and then talk to yourself.  Start with a “good morning”.  Move on to an honest appraisal of what you see.  Then move on to what you are thinking as you look in the mirror.  This is where Mirror Talking gets daunting!

Many times, upon awakening, “Money” is on our minds…  Talk to the Mirror about “Money”.  Really talk to the Mirror about how you are feeling about “Money” at that moment.  Until you can do that, no matter how small your thoughts are that you share with your mirror image to begin with, you are not comfortable with the money in your life.  Work on it, as unpleasant as it maybe, work on it and continue the conversation.  Face yourself, face your fears, face your joys.  

Until you can do that, you will be allowing the constant chatter of “Monkey Mind” to be present in your head, and “Monkey Mind” will drive you crazy until you “Face it!”  “Monkey Mind” thrives on Money Fears.  Face yourself, face the fears, know the joy of silence when you look in the mirror, breathe, and say goodbye to the Monkey in your Mind.Image



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