I Nourish the Universe and the Universe Nourishes Me!

WOW!  The Universe is really listening to my conversations these days.  I have a great friend, Bonnie,who is beginning her Ph.D. in Ecopsychology  (It is important what it is, but I would rather have her explain it to you.)  We have wonderful conversations because I am totally immersed in issues that are environmental, emotional, and more.

Our conversation today, as she sat upon the shore of an Ohio Lake playing in the sand and I was at home returning to my desk after a morning touring an urban farm (“heaven” to me), was how the planet, or the Universe, nourishes us and we nourish the planet.  

Further into the conversation was how we do forget how to nourish ourselves in a way that the Universe would be proud.  We are both pursuing healthy lifestyles for ourselves and our families and friends.  It is up to us to return to the natural ways of the Earth as we seek a healthy future.

It was a great conversation!

Then, with Deepak Chopra’s Daily Meditation, there was the mantra for today:  I Nourish the Universe and the Universe Nourishes Me!



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