Pieces of Me….

ImageSo, this is Saturday, halfway through July, halfway through the traditional Summer months…


Pieces of me, like pieces of beach glass, are floating through the morning.  Up early to workout in the totally empty pool, a piece of health and wellness.

Meditating on the deck in the sunlight, a piece of mindfulness, or a lack thereof.

Conversing with a new friend on POF (Plenty of Fish), a piece of developing conversation OR friendship.

Paying bills that are due, without much thought or anxiety, a piece of money in my life.

All in all, the pieces add up to a healthy person at this moment in time…

But it is just one moment in time, a moment when each piece of beach glass was found was a moment of total mindfulness looking at that sparking piece in the sand, it was a total moment of meditation, when the water brought to shore a piece of glass with its own history, and somewhere in time, that piece of glass and I just might be linked together.

And, this morning brought to me a message that tomorrow at 6:30 AM, a friend is holding a meditation session on the shore at Huntington Beach, the very place each of the pieces of beach glass were discovered.  So tomorrow morning, I will return to the beach to rediscover a piece of me….I can hear the sounds of the beach at this very moment@



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