Storm Clouds on the Horizon; Cataclysm Occurs Before Transformation

ImageSpring has finally arrived, but today is full of clouds!  In many ways, the clouds in the sky reflect the inner storm occurring for me today, but I know that a storm is always the precursor of a new dawn, and a new dawn is birthing in me!

When I took my “flying leap of faith” and dislocated my shoulder several weeks ago, it was the means by which my own personal cataclysm occurred.  It stopped me in my tracks, and it has taken weeks to garner my usual high energy.  But just as when a storm is brewing, all kinds if weather elements come into play — wind, rain, thunder, lightning, drizzle, hail!  So it is with each of us when change is brewing.  And when it is all done, the sun usually shines once again, and the atmosphere becomes calm…until the next storm!

So, I am entering into my period of calm and sunshine…Spring is here, and the birds will soon welcome me in the morning on my deck, and the wind, the soft voice of God, will once again welcome me daily, making me laugh and smile as I begin each new day…once again on my personal path of transformation…and just like a storm, there will be debris that washes up upon the shore of life…but it will be left behind when it serves no purpose as we move forward.



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