Transparency is So Important, Especially Self-Transparency

ImageBeachglass!  How beautiful!  How fragile!  And it has quite a history!  

Walking upon the beaches of Lake Erie is a sacred habit of mine–it is a time that becomes meditative as I focus on the sand along the water, just looking for that sparkle of color that indicates there is a strong possibility that there is a beautiful piece of beach glass just below the surface of the water.  Just below the surface.  You can miss that “gem” if you are not looking at it in the right direction…and maybe you are meant to miss it at that particular moment.  

With each piece of glass that I pick up, the transparency of the “gem” adds to its beauty, but, sometimes, it takes a little bit of time as I am at home cleaning up the glass before I see its individual beauty.  

The beach glass can be compared to our souls…sometimes transparent, sometimes needing a little cleaning up and shining before we see our own beauty.  Maybe we need a little more time spent in polishing up our souls so that we may truly see them more often.  What makes our soul shine?  

Maybe it is being totally transparent with ourselves and not covering up what may not always be what we want to look at within ourselves.  The colors, like beach glass, may change with the mood and light, but the true colors are always there.

If we would only take the time to really look, really become transparent with ourselves and to ourselves.



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