Can’t Lose That “Lost” Feeling!

ImageDid you ever just have one of those days, or one of those weeks, where, while you are productive, your mind is not feeling productive?   You are almost disconnected from your life.  

Yep, that is what is happening.  I am finding that I am compulsive about working–I know I need a vacation, but that is not in the cards for a while.  

Being at the point with my business EMPOWER Excellence where there is a lot happening, more happening than cash flowing, and where my new involvement with BlueSky is like starting a business all over again, I am so happy with what I am doing, but I am “disconnected”.  

I am happy, I am healthy, my family is fine, so why am I “disconnected”?  It may be what I call going through “the dark night of the soul.”  It is usually the first sign that drastic change is occurring, but drastic change has been occurring for two years.  

Maybe, the change that is occurring is that I am approaching being “connected”.  Stay tuned, as I surely will, to see what is “next”.   


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