Talking from the Grave…Yes, you can!

Yes, you can talk after you pass, transition, whatever!



Most people would say you were crazy if you told them that they could talk from their grave or their ashes, but you can!  Yes, most people have a will or trust that does their speaking for them, but there are very powerful ways, such as an ethical will, that puts so much more emphasis on more than just passing on money and belongings–it can pass on values!

Those values may concern emotions, environmental beliefs, cultural traditions, religious customs, and much more!  

So how do you talk from the grave or from your ashes?

First, determine what your values are.  You would be surprised on how few people could discuss their values while they are alive, much less from the grave.  So start by defining your values.

Then determine who your beneficiaries should be–and, no, they do not have to be “family”!  You can leave your legacy with nonprofits, churches, museums, etc.  So don’t just assume that it will all go to “family”.  You took a lifetime to accumulate a legacy, take some time to really think this through.  

In the Greater Cleveland area, there is a group of people joining together on Monday, February 4th, to discuss just these matters with a program offered by EMPOWER Excellence and more information can be found on that website\

So, consider your values while you are alive so that you will be happy with your choices when you see your legacy becoming reality from wherever you may be!


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